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Liquid Wax-Clear

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Liquid Wax-Clear

L'ssentiel Liquid Wax-Clear 500ml.

L'essential Botanics Liquid Wax is a patented formula of beautiful oils and waxes.

It is fast drying and can be used for wet sanding and smoothing painted surfaces while using wet and dry sandpaper.

It can be used as a wipe on wax or brush on it also smells divine.

This wax although so easy to apply dries to an almost invisible finish. Perfect to seal Milk and chalk paints.

 It can be buffed to a high shine or low sheen. You can use the wax directly onto your painted piece or as the final finishing touch on top of other natural oils such as hemp oil. 

It is important to note that Liquid Wax must always be the final coat on any piece you complete, it acts as a natural resistance against all finishes and liquids as such you cannot paint over or apply any other finish except for another wax (such as dark wax) without first removing the beeswax.

Liquid Wax is great if you struggle with using regular waxes due to injury or strain.


If the wax thickens place in a bowl of warm water to soften. (DO NOT MICROWAVE).

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