Crystal Clear Top Coat

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Crystal Clear Top Coat

Crystal Clear Top Coat 500ml.

Crystal clear topcoat is the hardest wearing of our finishes. It is a resin perfect for resisting tough treatment.Perfect for table tops, general furniture pieces, wet areas, outdoors, both painted and raw timber.
The tannin blocker prevents bleed through which is common in balinese furniture and will keep the topcoat clear and non yellowing.
The UV filter will help protect against our harsh climate. It is important to let this finish cure for 7 full
days, in colder weather, it may take a day or 2 more to cure. You can thin this product down without losing the integrity of the product. Remember by thinning it down you will require more  me coats for protection.Thinning will also help to alter the shine level.More water = less shine.
Apply L'essentiel Botanics Crystal Clear Topcoat by either brushing, spraying or wiping on with a damp lint free cloth or sponge. help to alter the shine level.

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